Dobeck Performance AFR Plus Fuel Tuner Honda Grom 15-17

Regular price $399.95

This system is NOT California CARB approved.

Handle bar mounts are NOT included

This system DOES NOT require the welding in of an O2 bung. The Bosch wide band O2 sensor will install through a supplied O2 Bung adapter into the factory narrow band O2 location. This AFR+ system uses the factory narrow band O2 system to trim to desired AFR values. The factory O2 sensor connection is plugged into the DP wide band controller. The factory narrow band sensor will be removed from the vehicle.

NOTE: Torque specification on 12mm to 18mm O2 Bung Adapter is 180 in-lbs. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN!! Recommended to use anti-seize lube on adapter threads.

Recommended to reset GROM ECU after installing any after-market performance modification.

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