Finbro ECM & PCX Injector

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Fits Honda Grom 2014-2019

Are you having idle issues when turning up the idle on your Grom? 
Have you noticed with aftermarket exhaust and intake your Grom runs overly lean? 
This resolves that and more!

OEM thailand Honda ECM reprogrammed by Keihin for FinBro. Ignition, and fuel ranges, along with AFR values have been computed to deliver an accurate and safe performance. 
All oem and FinBro engine BBKs use this ECM. From the stock 125cc down to the largest 235cc complete engine. CC size must match with proper injector. No more custom tunes or maps for your specific setup. Add and change parts without having to map out new fuel trims. And no more check engine lights and ECM "resetting". -Lifetime Guarantee on ECM unit thru Finbro Note: Customer must Cut 2 wires from the Stock ECM Wire harness and re-route because this ECM is NON-USA 

Specific product it will: Eliminate erratic idle when raised or adjusted for high idle tricks Eliminate Safety Kickstand Kill Switch. Eliminate Altitude Setting Eliminate Intake Air Temp Sensor (IAT) Eliminate Fast Idle Solenoid so bike WILL be cold natured at startup. Eliminate Charcoal Canister/Purge System PCX150 injector ( must use pcx injector to run proper and efficient.)

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