Magura HC1 Radial Master Cylinders

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The Magura HC1. The compact hydraulic brake or clutch fitting with strong price-performance ratio. MAGURA brand quality that pays for itself. Easily attached even in tight spaces by tilting the pump. Perfect for metering, stabile pressure point. All components are also available individually.

The RADIAL HC1 optimizes the performance of many bikes as a brake or clutch. Also, as a clutch it is standard for the KTM Duke 990. AT A GLANCE

  • For superbikes, supermotos and road sports specialists
  • Optimal lever kinematics
  • Brake lever reach is individually adjustable
  • Highest possible manufacturing quality
  • Lever and cylinder parts are forged
  • Direct pressure point
  • Sensitive and powerful braking and clutch operation
  • Space-saving design
  • Unmatched price-performance ratio
  • ABS-compatible
  • Leading international stunt riders rely on the HC1

Piston diameter: 12, 15, 18 mm CLUTCH FITMENT
Piston diameter: 12 mm (mineral oil), 13 mm (mineral oil), 13 mm (DOT), 16 mm (DOT) If your own requirements in driving dynamics, safety and comfort are more demanding and you want to make a good bike even better, then it's time for the new HC1. The decision to optimize your own motorcycle is made easy by this compactly designed radial fitment. Every real fan of motorcycles will love the confidence inspiring sensation of being able to brake and operate the clutch much more precisely, and the feeling of the strong, direct pressure point. We truly believe that you won’t want to do without the performance of a MAGURA radial master cylinder once you’ve experienced it. Thanks to the pump’s diagonal inclination, the HC1 is also very easy to mount. Like all brand products from MAGURA, this ABS-compatible radial fitment stands out from the rest with its cutting-edge technology, sophisticated ergonomics and of course the outstanding MAGURA craftsmanship down to the last detail. The HC1 is supplied with a pre-mounted brake light switch and a compensating reservoir. Levers in two different lengths are available as spare parts, as well as various types of reservoir with matching holders and mirror mounting brackets.


Designed and engineered in Germany.

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