Renthal Single-Compound Half Waffle MX Grips

Product image 1Renthal Single-Compound Half Waffle MX Grips -
Product image 2Renthal Single-Compound Half Waffle MX Grips -
Product image 3Renthal Single-Compound Half Waffle MX Grips -

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Renthal® Grips : Grip the Technology™

Renthal Grip Tech : Original series have been used by more motocross and off-road champions throughout the world than any other over the last 20 years. Available in 3 different patterns and 3 different advanced compounds; there is a grip to suit every need. Each grip offers a different level of strength, tackiness and shock absorption to suit a variety of riding conditions and individual style.

3 Compounds

Renthal's unique compounds ensure the grips you choose are the best for you. Whether you require a softer grip for shock absorption or a harder grip for durability, Renthal has the perfect grip for you.

3 Patterns

The original series grips also feature 3 different patterns. These patterns ensure you get a grip that is even more appropriate. The waffle pattern helps clear mud from the grip, where as the diamond pattern provides maximum grip.



    Tackiness : ★★★★★
    Strength : ★
    Absorption : ★★★★
    Durability : ★


        Tackiness : ★★★★
        Strength : ★★★
        Absorption : ★★★★
        Durability : ★★★


            Tackiness : ★★★
            Strength : ★★★★★
            Absorption : ★★★
            Durability : ★★★★★
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