Woodcraft 848/1098/1198 with shift pedal Aluminum Silver clear anodize: Ducati

Regular price $329.99

Woodcraft worked hard to build a rearset fitting for the beautiful Ducati 848 or 1098. This kit is 12 position adjustable and super strong - carved out of solid billet stock and offset to clear the exhaust and swingarm on these bikes. This is a complete rearset kit that comes complete with a shift pedal and billet heel guards on both sides. The brake pedal 09-0640 is optional. Please see the full kit 05-0640B (listed above) to order individually.

We thoroughly tested these before production....our test rider even was kind enough to crash on them for us (oops) and found that they not only gave the needed ground clearance but held up perfectly.

Any piece of this kit is available separately.

Note: Can be used in standard or GP shift.

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